Delivery Excellence

Low on delivery risk, high on delivery successful delivery outcomes

We design and develop (before project commencement) a project delivery solution to suit the complexities of your delivery environment, putting business benefits realisation and achieving your core project objectives.



The following component packages form part of our delivery offering and will be assembled and deployed to suit your specific undertaking:

  • On site Project Office (PMO) structure, focused on project success and risk reduction, integrated into your organisation
  • Superior and experienced Programme and Project Management practitioners with reference able credentials
  • Governance and Control – full lifecycle blended Prince2 and PMBOK mode, fully scale able in “depth and width”
  • "Themes-based" Risk Profiling and integrated mitigation planning to provide ongoing protection for your project undertaking
  • Quality is a concept that is hugely misunderstood in ICT type projects and as a result the understanding of the potential benefits of entrenched quality not considered at all in project  planning
  • Project management and PMO education based on the agree model for your undertaking

Managed Services


The key component benefits of our Right 1st Time model are:

  • Our simple and effective onsite PMO structure provide next level delivery assurance and project management support
  • We run projects as “programmes” and thereby mitigating the risk of many plans seeking on common and integrated outcome
  • Our governance model is tried and tested as is borne out by our many successful implementation and happy clients
  • Our risk profiling model ensures a constant and consistent view on “future events” that might negatively impact the delivery of your project to the pre-agreed objectives…this greatly enhances project performance.
  • Entrenched quality means that standards are pre-agreed, designed in, planned for and delivered as part of our normal delivery model….the tangible results will speak for itself.
  • We practice what we preach and understand how “theory is practised”…we do not experiment at your cost and have a “can do” attitude!